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The Ultimate Terror

Mind Control

Write Down this Mirror web site address of educate-yourself.org in Switzerland in case you cannot access any page at this web site (our thanks to Stephanie Meier for maintaining this mirror):


[Editor's Note: May 31, 2006.
Somewhere between May 18 and May 30, 2006, this mind control index page
was surreptitiously erased from my web server and even from my hard
drive. Apparently, someone doesn't want this topic ventilated before
the public. I had to retrive an old copy of this Mind Control index
page from a disc which I had saved in November 2005, therefore the more
recent articles which I had posted on this page up to April 2006 will
not appear in this version, but will be restored shortly after I've had
a chance to retrive this page from a mirror site which was recently
established in Europe. Thankfully, the synchronistic offer to set up
the mirror site in early May from a very thoughtful person in
Switzerland, came at just the right time. I will publish the url of the
mirror site as soon as I find the e-mail sent to me by the person who
set up the mirror site. .

For victims of electronic or psychic assault,

**Be sure to see the section below titled "Countermeasures to Psychotronic and Demonic Attack"**