quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008

We are already where we need to be

We all have a tendency to criticize ourselves. We're very good at figuring out what's wrong or inadequate about ourselves. We're constantly beating ourselves because we don't do everything exactly right and because we aren't already perfect. It hurts to live that way. If you're beating yourself up, you can't learn. We are here to learn. We're in school. We're children. If we were already enlightened, we wouldn't be here.

As human beings we are always trying to get somewhere. Many of us seek some standard of success that we think will bring happiness or validation from the world. Even those of us involved in the personal growth and consciousness process still have the idea that we certainly don't want to be where we are -- we're trying to get somewhere better. And when we get to that place, everything will be right somehow. Yet, consciousness cannot be found somewhere else; it happens through becoming aware of where we are right now.

Trying to get somewhere else takes us away from appreciating the process. When we begin to enjoy the process itself, we can stop worrying and become completely involved in the fascinating journey that's unfolding each moment in each day.